Direct Investment in Asian Markets creates a unique opportunity for the GEMS Funds to provide an alternative source of capital for well-positioned companies in need of equity for strategic growth, acquisitions, market expansion, or balance sheet restructuring

Asia as a High Growth Region encompasses the most vibrant and fastest growing economies globally. There is an attractive mix of demographics, rising consumer incomes, and depth of educated labour. Combined with improving legal, regulatory, capital markets and corporate governance infrastructures, these economies also offer a much improved exit environment.

Local Perspective is necessary in making successful direct investment in this region. Investments benefit by working in conjunction with local leaders of business, finance and industry. Experience has shown that foreign investors gain significant protection when their interests are aligned with those of the local investor or manager.

The Resources Sector holds distinct investment advantages.  Resources are the input that supports much of Asia’s growth and will continue to drive the ongoing urbanization and industrialization of both China and India. Resources are hard assets with cash flows that provide downside protection whilst having global pricing visibility. Furthermore, it is a well understood sector with established frameworks which enables structured transactions with liquidity and exits.