Investments. Normally between US$20 million and US$100 million with a three to five year time horizon. We actively work with partners or other investors when pursuing larger investments.

Flexibility. GEMS is flexible when considering portfolio investments. We invest through the use of privately-negotiated instruments in private companies, assets, as well as providing financing for listed companies that are not widely held. We will not generally make investments in start-up operations unless they are extensions of existing businesses. 

Partnership. Whilst we have typically taken structured minority positions, we will participate in control transactions which are management backed or to fund acquisitions. We also ensure good corporate governance, shareholder accountability and investor protection, through negotiated shareholder agreements.

Capability. GEMS focuses on backing strong and capable management with industry knowledge. We view the management teams as long-term partners and work to ensure that key managers continue in their roles to build future success. We only invest in companies that have committed quality management. Whilst we rely on management for operations, we typically seek board representation that is commensurate with our shareholding and strive to add significant value through acting as the investee company’s conduit to the GEMS network.

Exit. Prior to making an investment, we explore multiple exit strategies in an effort to maximize returns. These strategies may include trade sale, redemption options, buyouts, new equity, recapitalization, IPOs and other M&A transactions. We pay particular attention to ensuring protection of capital through the use of structured instruments.